How we kill our self by our hand

 Protecting your health, your home, and the environment in general is of vital importance in todays world .  So when you deal with household chemicals, you carry a heavy burden . You cannot afford to take it lightly or take any chances. Neither can you afford to work without the best possible tools available. Thats where Safe Chems Home Edition  comes in for Example :                                                                                       


(1) Air Fresheners:contain

Formaldehyde: Highly toxic

Phenol: when it touches your skin it can cause a swell, burn.     

What to use instead  of it??!    

You can use dry flower or you can add some vanilla to   a small   cotton  & it will give a nice smell . 

(2) Furniture Polish:    contain

petroleum Distillates :Highly flammable, can cause skin & lung cancer.                                                                                            Phenol& Nitrobenzene: Easily observed through the skin.                                                                                            What to use instead of it ??!    

 You can use a lemon juice & olive oil add together and clean but be sure that the oil more than the lemon juice.                                      

  (3) Glasses cleaner: contain

 Ammonia : a very volatile chemical , it is very damaging to your eyes, respiratory tract& skin. 

 What to use instead of it ??!

 You can use vinegars &water, But be sure that the water is more.                                                                                                                    (4) Oven Cleaners: contain

 Sodium Hydroxide: Caustic, strong irritant, burns to both skin & eyes .                                                                                           What to use instead of it??!       

 You can use a biking powder with some water and clean, or you can clean by a used up lemon .     

 (5)Toilet floor Cleaners: contain

 Hydrochloric acid: Highly corrosive, irritant to both skin &eyes .Damages kidneys &liver.

What to use instead of it ??!

You can use a biking powder & sand, But first wet the floor with water then add the biking powder & sand and clean. 

 (6) Silver Cleaners: contain

 very toxic substances ,It can cause a lot of M.problems to us like eyes, skin, Breathing.

 What to use instead of it ??!  

You can use salt &vinegars, or clean with used up lemon .  Also you can use your cosmetic cotton ,if you dont need it any more to clean slivers.                                                                                   (7) How to get rid of insects:

instead of using chemicals which contain ceinyed : Causes a lot of M.problems 

you can use Soap &water for small ones ,but for the big you can use mash potato &sugar and biking powder then you should put it where they usually exist when they eat it ,they will be killed.                                                                                                                    (8) Drain Cleaners: contain

 Hydrochloric acid: Corrosive, eyes& skin irritant, damages kidneys, liver & digestive tract . Burns skin & eyes.

 What to use instead of it??!      

 You can add one spoon of biking powder to sing and run  boiling water then keep it all the night, at the morning run boiling water and thats it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


In the end we wish that we convinced you not to buy such things and start get rid of them .We care about you and about our environment. We want you to be happy & healthy, so please help us to change the  way we pollute  with our small world & homes.                                                                     


For more information, go to  our discussion Forum, post  your   questions or c moments OR visit us at our environment educational stations inside Bahrain Museum we are there from 4-8 p.m. daily till April 20th 2001 (Friday)


                                                                           Chemical Committee- EEF

                                                                                                                                    April, 2001