Wed/Eef station
Children are in for a day of entertainment and loads of recreational 
activities at the annual Malkiya Village Day for children organised by the Malkiya Rovers at the village.
To take place today at the village's coast situated right of Hamad Town round about number 13, the days events feature numerous games and painting contests for the young ones. The event is scheduled for an 8am start and will continue through to 1pm.
In addition, the Environment Electronic Friends (EEF) will be taking 
part in the festival with their own environment station offering environment awareness and contests related to the same subject.
"At the station, children will have the opportunity to take part in 
contests which will expose them to questions aimed at opening their minds and hearts to see existing environmental problems and possible ways to deal with them," 
said EEF President, Khawla Muhannadi. "Some quick examples of these 
queries include, the importance of palm trees in the lives of for our 
forefather, sea creatures and even predictions of what might happen to the Malkiya village on the cut-down of all palm trees. These and many other general knowledge issues will be the discussion topics for the day."
Amongst the various environment friendly topics to be highlighted will be the re-use and re-cycle of goods and the skills involved. "The team members of the group will educate children on ways to re-use materials that are normally wasted and added to the already existing pollution," she elaborated. "And then ways to create useful things out of those second hand products instead of purchasing brand new items. Raw materials used in this process are mainly plastic containers, old unwanted objects like ribbons, gift papers etc."
Eef members will also be conducting talks with people in small and large groups linked to the environment, particularly those related to 
traditions and customs of Eid. "Moreover, the station is also an opportunity for the public to know the group and be better concious about their duty towards the environment, and how we can all work together towards a happier life, for us and the coming generations," said Khawla.
Earlier in a similar event but on a larger scale, when invited by the 
Ministry of Education to take part in the 30th Scout Camp, the group 
had erected five stations each with an individual function, all but with the same objective to help spread environment friendly messages.